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May 19, 2017

The Man and the Moon

Complete lunacy or a total eclipse of the heart? Either way, it’s a hell of a love story. A man wakes in his grey apartment in outer-middle suburbia to realize he’s living a life that his lost its twinkle.
Lonely, he finds himself at a work party with the boss from hell. After hitting the drinks hard, he meets a beautiful stranger – Selene. Entranced by her radiance, he realises this is no ordinary relationship as he watches her float into the sky at the end of the night.
From Variegated Productions comes a new solo cabaret show that weaves a tale of astronomical love and self-discovery. With a live band channelling smoky New York jazz clubs, it combines lamenting lyrics, evocative storytelling and a man falling in love with the wrong celestial body.
Come and see where the evening tides take you.

Nominated for Martin Sims Awards, Fringe World 2016 (Best New West Australian Show).

Writer & Performer: St John Cowcher

“Cowcher is such a disarming performer, and his songs… and the work of the gifted Smith and his trio are so cool and hot”
The West Australian

“ a very polished show. Cowcher is both a gentleman and a scholar, and an affable storyteller”
Perth Arts Live

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